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Say goodbye to financial insomnia

Say goodbye to financial insomnia

Every night, it's the same thing. You can't get to sleep. If your money problems are what's keeping you awake, you're likely suffering from financial insomnia.


  • Financial insomnia is what you experience when your worries over money prevent you from sleeping.
  • This type of stress can affect your mental well-being, be harmful to your physical health and even cause you to disengage from others.
  • The best way to resolve financial insomnia is to get to the root of the matter: your money problems. There are professionals who can help you.

What is financial insomnia?

It’s an expression used to describe sleep problems brought on by money-related stress.

Stress affects everyone differently. Some people handle it well, others less so. And for some, stress can actually prevent them from sleeping. They’re victims of financial insomnia. And it can have a negative impact on their physical and psychological health, and affect their interpersonal relationships.

Am I at risk of suffering from financial insomnia?

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate your level of stress over money. Take the time to answer them.

  • Do you imagine worst-case scenarios or go around in circles over your finances?
  • Have you ever had an anxiety or panic attack because of your financial situation?
  • Do you try to hide your money problems from your family by pulling away from them or even lying to them?

If you answered yes, you are clearly experiencing a lot of stress over your financial situation. Over time, you could develop problems concentrating or sleeping, if you haven’t already.

What are the usual causes of stress?

Everyone feels concerned about their finances at one point or another. It’s perfectly normal. But some situations can affect people more, and cause stress that’s difficult to manage, for example:

  • A separation
  • Job loss
  • Inability to pay your bills
  • Nasty calls from creditors or collection agents
  • Feeling unable to provide for your family

Other worries can also wake you up in the middle of the night, such as:

  • Fear of being denied a loan
  • Fear of your cheques bouncing
  • Fear of being judged by those around you
  • Feeling alone in dealing with your debt problems

Am I right to be concerned?

There are tools available to check if your level of debt should concern you. One thing’s for sure: if thinking about your financial situation causes anxiety, that’s a sign that you shouldn’t be standing idle!

The longer you wait, the more you brood and the more stress and negative emotions take over. Your physical and mental health may be at risk.

How can I get rid of my stress?

Debts don’t just magically disappear. Nor does stress! Until you take steps to deal with your money problems, you’re going to feel a weight on your shoulders.

The best way to get out from under it is to speak with a professional. A counsellor in financial recovery and Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you, first of all by assessing your financial situation with you. Their role is to support you in taking the steps to free yourself of financial stress, without judgement. And it’s 100% confidential.

Once you get a true picture of your debt, you’ll be able to determine the type of help you need. The good news is that there is a wide range of solutions! Rest assured: you definitely won’t lose everything, far from it!

No more sleepless nights for you. Rediscover the joys of sleeping soundly by curing your indebtedness.

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