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Easing the restrictions on finances

Article updated on 23/06/2021
Farewell to red, orange and yellow zones! With the easing of restrictions comes the desire to indulge ourselves a little: after all, we’ve earned it. But make sure not to succumb to the fever of overspending.

It’s true that the pandemic has lasted long enough and with the return of a sort of “normality” comes the urge to get out, to dine at restaurants, to renovate and to travel. After having demonstrated considerable strength of character, it’s easy to convince ourselves that we fully deserve it. And that’s when we have to be doubly cautious.

Control the urge to spend

Everyone knows about the famous “well, as long as we’re at it” that we often hear when thinking about renovation projects. Even if it’s very tempting to add new outdoor furniture to your patio project, and as long as you’re at it, to change the barbecue, it would be better to exercise a little restraint and spread your expenses out over time, taking into account your ability to pay.  Discover our article: Good time can lead to debt.

With this in mind, making a budget and respecting objectives will be your best allies.

Online budget

Keep the good habits your developed during the pandemic

If there’s on thing that COVID-19 taught us, it’s having fewer opportunities to spend will help us save. That’s why consumers have never saved as much as they have over the past 15 months.

It’s an ideal opportunity for many to continue to improve their financial situation. Because the end of the health crisis will offer us the opportunity to retain new spending habits that will allow us to maintain a lifestyle that’s better adapted to our financial reality.

In summary

The consequences of the health crisis haven’t been all bad. It allowed many to put their financial situation on a better footing and even to save more. Making a balance sheet to help us keep in good financial health and provide us with a safety cushion is a great way of avoiding falling back into bad financial habits to avoid impacting your credit score.

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