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Sylvie Pelchat

Sylvie Pelchat studied secretarial science and accounting. She started as a Counsellor in financial recovery with Raymond Chabot in 1990. She left the firm after five years but returned in 2005.

“There are no obstacles, only solutions.”

Sylvie believes that every person who comes into her office deserves her undivided attention. Since her objective is to reduce her clients’ stress, she injects a touch of humour in her approach, which helps to ease the atmosphere and create relationships. She helps her clients open up by reassuring them, making them feel more secure and even comforting them. As she often says, she is the only person her clients will confide in. She is very aware that this sign of trust and her role are what make it possible to help her clients improve their situation.


“Sylvie was respectful in my stressful situation. She supported me with respect and dedication throughout the process. Thank you so much.”