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Martine Bernard

Martine Bernard has 30 years of experience at Raymond Chabot where she began her career as an administrative assistant. After 15 years at the Québec City office, she decided to transfer to the Bas-Saint-Laurent when the Rimouski office was opening. This change was a turning point in her career, when she began her training in insolvency to become a counsellor in financial recovery.

“Always look ahead of you in life. This is how you can concentrate your energy on what matters most– financial health, yes, but, more important, overall health.”

For Martine, the rewards she has received during her career come mainly from her clients. She’s always touched and proud when she manages to find the best solution, especially when they tell her they can finally sleep soundly and buy everything on their grocery list.


“Very satisfied with the services I received. Ms. Bernard is a very discrete and professional counsellor.”