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Danielle Côté

After she completed her secretarial course in 1974, Danielle Côté worked in various businesses where she was always involved with clients. Following a move to the Outaouais region for her spouse’s work, she found herself without work. It was purely by chance that she was offered a position in a trustee’s office where she was in charge of administration and client follow-up. When she came back to the Montréal region in 1991, she began working as an Insolvency Counsellor with Raymond Chabot. Thanks to internal training and her bosses’ support, she was able to upgrade her knowledge in a firm that she considers her second family.

“I believe there is always a solution, you just have to find the best one.”

As a mother and a very compassionate person, Danielle has good reflexes to help her clients. She has often applied her empathy and intuition to significantly improve her clients’ quality of life.


“Thank you Danielle Côté for her sound advice and support during my process. I could not have hoped for anything better. She was so kind, understanding and professional. She has a lot of empathy and I felt confident right from the first meeting.”