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Anne-Marie Marchand


Anne-Marie Marchand has a Bachelor of Law and is a member of the bar, but it was insolvency that she was drawn to. Anne-Marie has been with Raymond Chabot since 2016, and truly enjoys guiding her clients. Analyzing, understanding and explaining information in clear terms for her clients who are experiencing financial difficulties is what helps her provide tangible assistance and change their future. She believes that every situation is unique and there are always lessons to be learned, both for her clients and for herself.

“First and foremost, you are the author of your own future.”

Anne-Marie Marchand fosters balance in all aspects of her life. She enjoys being with friends and doing sports. It’s an attitude that has been noticed at work, since she was nominated for the Fun at work category at the Raymond Chabot 2016 Gala.


“I quickly felt at ease and that someone understood my situation. I received excellent advice from my counsellor, Anne-Marie Marchand, which helped me rebuild my credit.”