Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation may be the solution you need.

What if you combined all your debts into one? This is an easy and attractive solution that can solve all your money problems at once.

The principle of debt consolidation is quite simple: you take out one loan at a financial institution to pay back all your debts. You have just one monthly payment to make and could enjoy a lower interest rate, especially if you consolidate your credit card debt. What’s more, you maintain a good credit rating if you meet the terms of your loan.

Be Careful

  • Make sure the interest rate and payment period are reasonable.
  • Make sure you are able to pay the consolidation amount.
  • Stop using your credit cards to avoid doubling your debt.

If your application for a debt consolidation loan is turned down, make an appointment with one of our experienced counsellors to guide you to another solution. Consultations are completely confidential.