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Maude Lefebvre

Maude Lefebvre studied finance and started her career in the banking industry. However, she felt uneasy about offering credit to customers who could not afford it. She noticed that many of them were bogged down in over-indebtedness, but was not able to help them get out of it. It was by chance, during a discussion with a Raymond Chabot counsellor, that she discovered the role of licensed insolvency trustee and counsellors financial recovery. She had just found her calling. Maude has been a Counsellor in financial recovery with Raymond Chabot since 2018.

“It’s very satisfying having the feeling that I’m helping people improve their situation.”

With her listening skills and empathy to help people open up, Maude is an attentive counsellor with a human approach who can provide solutions adapted to each of her clients’ situations.


“Today I can finally breathe more easily and if I could help someone who is having the same problems that I did, I would not hesitate to recommend Maude.”