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Karine Lavigne

A sociologist by training, Karine Lavigne completed a Master’s degree in Sociology at Université du Québec à Montréal so she could teach this subject at CEGEP. But at the end of her studies, she realized there was not much demand for sociology professors. Still interested in working in a helping capacity, on a friend’s recommendation, she took on an assistant position in a trustee’s office. Karine quickly discovered that this field allowed her to apply her strengths and knowledge, particularly in pedagogics, to make insolvency and financial recovery information easier to understand for her clients. Karine has been a Counsellor in Financial Recovery at Raymond Chabot since 2016.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day! Difficult problems can’t all be solved at once! One step at a time.”

Karine takes her clients’ interests to heart and believes in the importance of commitment. This is why she has also been volunteering at her community’s figure skating club since 2016.


“When I left Karine’s office, I was proud that I had resolved financial problems that had been weighing me down for nine years. I received excellent service and my counsellor was very attentive.”