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Véronique Belzil-Lacasse


Véronique Belzil-Lacasse studied management and accounting and has been working in insolvency since 2006. She believes that life’s obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow. Every situation builds on experience by understanding problems and finding efficient ways to resolve them. Optimism and realism are what characterize her client approach.

“Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s the expression that best represents our clients’ situation. We make it possible for them to finally breathe more easily after difficult, highly stressful years.”

The mother of two boys, Véronique is an attentive, genuine and understanding counsellor. By working directly with clients, she helps vulnerable people find tangible solutions to take control of their finances.


“My counsellor was very personable and attentive. She put me at ease and worked with me to find the best solution for my situation. Thank you Véronique.”