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Valérie Beauchamp


After her studies, Valérie Beauchamp was a business law attorney for two and a half years. She quickly realized that this was not her calling—because of court deadlines and the high fees billed to her clients, she did not always feel she was helping them. Today, working in insolvency, her legal knowledge helps her guide her clients wisely and find concrete solutions to their debt problems based on their personal situation.

“My work is very rewarding because I see the wellbeing I can provide in one meeting. It’s important for me to see them walk out of my office with a sense of relief.”

Born in Gatineau, Valérie left the family nest at the age of 18 years to pursue her studies. She learned early on that it isn’t always easy to face one’s financial obligations. She is well placed to understand her clients’ difficult situations, but she also knows there’s always a solution.


“I felt listened to, respected and very well informed. So I came out of this ordeal feeling confident, thanks to Valérie.”