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Nancy Beaumier


Nancy Beaumier is a determined, structured and committed person. After her studies in secretarial work, she began her career as a consultant in a small firm of trustees in the suburbs of Montreal. She held administrative positions there, but above all, she worked closely with the trustee which inspired her to pursue this profession. It was therefore at the age of 28, and mother of a young boy, that Nancy began full-time studies while working full-time in order to obtain her Licensed Insolvency Trustee designation. After her studies, she moved to Québec City. This new beginning was an opportunity to be recruited by Raymond Chabot where she rose through the ranks to the position of Lead Senior Manager.

“There are no bad people. Debt problems can happen to anyone.”

Go-getter and passionate, Nancy Beaumier welcomes her clients with great empathy. Using humour as a main tool, she knows how to reassure people by remaining close to them at every step.


“A friend suggested I contact you and it was the best decision of my life. I strongly recommend anyone to do the same thing if they are at the end of their rope, because I know you would take the time to find the best solution without judging.”