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Laurence Bouchard


At the age of 23, Laurence Bouchard had already obtained her law degree and was a member of the Richelieu Bar. It was at this time that she began her insolvency career at Raymond Chabot. She is tactful and approachable and makes every effort to put people at ease despite their difficult situation. She handles each case without judging, helping people rebuild their confidence and personal finances.

“What’s most important for me, is fostering trust so we can work as a team and so my clients feel that they are in good hands.”

Laurence considers a sense of humour to be an important work tool. It’s how she puts people at ease and can communicates with them in a positive way. Her professional approach aligns with her free-time activity: competitive dancing, because, to dance, you have to be in sync.


“From the very first meeting with my counsellor, I started to gain my self-confidence. Thank you most sincerely.”