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Jessy Cadorette

Jessy Cadorette studied accounting and management. She owned her own construction business for six years, which helped develop sound entrepreneurial abilities: managing a project with several challenges, working with multiple individuals, negotiating agreements, and in particular, being in problem resolution mode, are situations she is very familiar with. Her management skills and collaborative spirit led her to Raymond Chabot where she has worked as a Counsellor in Financial Recovery since 2016.

“I often tell my new clients that they should put me on speed-dial because, if they have any worries, I’m right there to answer their questions.”

“Pay it forward” is a phrase that aptly reflects Jessy’s commitment, both at work as a Counsellor in Financial Recovery and as a member of the Board of Directors of the ACEF de Montérégie-Est. She derives considerable satisfaction from helping people rebuild their finances.


“Jessy Cadorette treated my like a person, with respect, not just a number. I am very satisfied with the service. I felt understood and respected.”