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Jeneviève Forcier

Jeneviève Forcier has a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a Major in Human Resources. After a ten-year career in banking, where she moved up from cashier to group manager, Jeneviève found herself in the field of insolvency purely by chance. She learned about the financial recovery counselling profession from a Raymond Chabot trustee who was representing one of her spouse’s tenants. The move to the field of insolvency proved to be a fascinating career change for someone with her interest in human contact and psychology.

“I make it my duty to take care of my clients the same way I would like to be taken care of.”

Jeneviève is driven by the need to help people, which is why she has been involved with Scleroderma Québec since 2016, a cause that is personally close to her heart.


“I’m starting new with my head held high and a good understanding of my finances. Thank you Jeneviève for your good advice!”