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Falak Saadalla

A language and literature graduate of Queen’s University, Falak Saadalla speaks French, English, Russian and Arabic. After a ten-year break to raise her family, she worked for an NFPO that helps people, particularly young people, by showing them how to manage their personal finances, prepare a budget and solve their minor debt problems. She then worked with a licensed insolvency trustee firm for five years before joining Raymond Chabot as a counsellor in financial recovery in 2018.

“I know that debt problems can have a domino effect on the couple, family, work and health.”

Falak believes that clearly understanding her clients is essential to help them find the best solution for their debt problems. Thanks to her knowledge of several languages, she can help more people, serving them in their own language and making it easier for them to share information about their situation.


“Very good service. I got answers to all my questions. I felt supported and respected throughout the process.”