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Christophe Paré-Mailloux


Christophe Paré-Mailloux has a Bachelor of Law and began a master’s program in notarial law. After practicing in the notarial field for several years, he became aware of the counsellor in financial recovery profession through a Raymond Chabot manager. Christophe started his new career with the firm in 2016.

“One step at a time.”

The father of two children, with a passion for outdoor and motorized vehicle activities, Christophe spends considerable time with his family participating in these activities. He knows the importance of focussing on what’s essential, which gives his work that much more meaning. His greatest motivation is seeing people get out of their over indebtedness.


“I was anxious about dealing with a trustee because of my situation, but they did not judge me at all. I was at ease with my consultant, Christophe.”