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Caroline Paquin

Caroline Paquin first studied as a family and social worker, then in massage therapy. Two fields that seem far removed from the world of insolvency. And yet, all of these fields require a lot of empathy. Her humane and reassuring approach serves her every day with her clients. After working as an administrative assistant and then as an assistant advisor in two trustee offices for about ten years, Caroline completed her training as an insolvency advisor and joined Raymond Chabot’s team in 2017.

“One step at a time.”

Debt issues cause all kinds of problems in people’s lives. Caroline has the necessary listening skills to fully understand the situation of each of her clients and find the best solution so that they leave with a light heart.


“Caroline’s good advice helped me take charge of my life to manage my finances. I felt supported. I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you for your support. ”