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Annie Germain


Annie Germain’s academic background is somewhat unusual. With an interest in the human aspect of things, she studied health sciences in CEGEP. She then studied law and became a member of the Bar after which she started a master’s program in Life Sciences (Biology). When she completed her studies, she worked in family law in a law firm, but after one year of working in this field, she realized that it did not meet her need to help people in a tangible way. It was at this time that a job posting at Raymond Chabot drew her attention. She has been a Counsellor in financial recovery since 2016.

“When I meet people for the first time, I congratulate them on having the courage to ask for help.”

Annie is very motivated by seeing the smile on her clients’ faces and sensing their relief. You get a new perspective when you realize the connection between insolvency and other areas such as family law, estates and tax, and the impact personal finances can have on the rest of our lives.


“I got good service without feeling I was being judged. Keep up the excellent service.”