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Alexandra Tremblay

Alexandra Tremblay has a diploma from Collège Ellis in administration with a major in international business. She worked in this field for several years before buying the family farm with her brother. After a year of very hard work, they decided to sell the farm. It was at this time that Alexandra began to question her professional life. She realized that she needed human contact and applied for a position as counsellor in financial recovery at Raymond Chabot. She began her career in personal and business insolvency in 2016.

“It’s essential to learn how to make and use a budget.”

Alexandra is highly respectful of people and the environment. Passionate about nature, she has a zero-waste lifestyle, which reflects her values of living with less without mortgaging the future.


“I was listened to, advised and, more important, reassured. I started to hope again and sleep better. I felt like setting up a budget again and sticking to it. It helped get a better understanding of my problems.”