Voluntary deposit

To avoid a lot of anxiety, you can choose to make a promise to pay your creditors.

Even if you feel your financial troubles are insurmountable, you have the right and the choice to refuse to declare bankruptcy. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees and credit counsellors will guide you to the best possible solution for your situation.

By choosing to make a voluntary deposit, you are promising to make a monthly payment to the Court equal to approximately 30% of your gross salary until 100% of your debt is reimbursed.

The advantages

  • You avoid declaring bankruptcy and are no longer harassed by your creditors.
  • You have only one payment to make each month.


Make sure the amount requested leaves you enough to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Note that this option is not available in Ontario and New Brunswick. Instead, there are similar programs called Debt Management Programs. They are managed by not-for-profit organizations that help you pay back 100% of your credit card and personal loan debt over 4 to 5 years.